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Now that the sun is starting to shine and the cold weather is finally gone, people are starting to bicycle to work. And if you’re not joining them, you may want to rethink that. As an expert in personal injury, we know that some people may be concerned about cycling safety, especially in regards to commuting. However, there are a large number of benefits with cycling to work, and here we have streamlined them down to the big 3:

  1. Fitness. Biking to work means you are burning calories with a cardiovascular exercise, an entire workout you would have missed had you taken public transit or drove. And while you may have to wake up earlier to bike, you can skip your morning coffee entirely – you will be wide awake by the time you get to the office.
  2. Cost. Figure out how much money you spend on gas. In perhaps a few weeks worth of gas, you could purchase a good bike and any equipment you would need, and you will be saving money after that.
  3. Environment. You will join the many people commuting to work who are helping to reduce emissions. If you care deeply for the environment and worry about your carbon footprint, this may be the most important factor to you.

If you’ve already decided on commuting to work with a bicycle, or if you are thinking about it, here are some tips to get you started.

  • Make sure you have another way of getting to work. Some days may have rain or storms, or you may not have a car and will need a way to commute during the winter. In the case of you not owning a car, look into public transit routes or carpooling.
  • Purchase a Pannier. This is essentially a backpack that is strapped to the back of your bicycle, so that you can transport anything you need without wearing a backpack, which can cause your back to sweat, leading to discomfort and sweat stains at work.
  • Keep spare clothes and a bicycle lock at work. By doing this, you will lessen the load you have to carry by a significant amount, and you will not have to worry about forgetting a spare change of clothes, since you may be sweating after cycling to work and need a fresh shirt.

Commuting to work via bicycle is simply a routine to stick to. While your safety may be a concern, wearing a helmet and being aware will keep you safe in many situations. Should you ever find yourself in an accident involving a cyclist, pedestrian, automobile, or any other type of personal injury, our trained team at MG Law is here to support you.

Cycling may start as a means of travel, but you will soon find yourself calling it a hobby. Once you start biking to work, you may be proudly declaring yourself a cyclist before you know it.

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