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IF YOU'VE BEEN Involved in a cycling accident IN OTTAWA, TURN TO MG LAW

Going for a ride on your bike should be as simple as making sure you have a helmet, your bike is in working order, maybe you grab some water, and off you go to enjoy your day.

Unfortunately, sharing the road with drivers isn’t as safe as it should be. With bike lanes blocked by parked cars, drivers changing lanes without signalling, dooring incidents happening all the time, and the overall lack of bike lanes on certain roads altogether, your ride can be quite dangerous.

MG Law has experience helping those who have been involved in serious cycling accidents, and navigating the unique legal process of cycling accidents is second nature.

Like any other accident, it’s important to always report your situation to the police and seek any necessary medical attention first. Your next step should be to contact a professional law firm like MG Law, which can help navigate the legal, insurance, and healing processes. Even if you only have a few bumps and bruises, seeking legal advice and medical attention is always a safe bet. What might seem like some small injuries today could actually become more serious over time. Without legal counsel, you could end up walking away with very little or left to plead your case alone in court. Timing is key, and the experienced staff at MG Law will make sure you have everything in order. We’ll handle any legal details and timelines, so you can rest or take part in rehabbing any sustained injuries.

Whether you need to secure lost wages resulting from your injuries, or minor damages, our team can be there to supply legal services in fluent English, French, Arabic (all dialects), and Russian to ensure you fully understand all your options going forward. Call us today at 613-730-8460 to tell your side of the story.

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