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Things To Do Following An ACCIDENT IN OTTAWA

Knowing What To Do First After An Accident Is Half The Battle

1. Call The Police and Tell Them Everything

Police statements are a valuable part of any court proceeding so ensuring that the police have all the information you have available will reflect positively on your case.

2. Record Names and Addresses

Get all the information of the other parties involved in the accident as well as any witnesses to the accident. The police, insurance companies and the court may ask for this information.

3. Keep Your Family Doctor Informed.

Your doctor’s record and evaluation of your injuries, recovery and rehabilitation efforts are an important and useful part of the process.

4. Notify Your Insurance Company

Tell your insurance company as soon as possible that you’ve had an accident. Timelines are very important and getting ahead of them with as many updates as you can is in your own favour.

5. Tell Your Employer or School.

Notifying your employer and school allows them to support your case as to how much work or how many days of class you are missing as a result of the accident.

6. Record Healthcare Worker Information

The health care workers involved in your immediate treatment, short-term and long-term recovery will be able to support your case and provide information to the police, insurance companies and the court.

7. Record Insurance Company correspondence

Keep track of all the correspondence you have with your own and other insurance companies. Record phone calls if possible and ask for electronic or paper records of important information.

8. Call MG Law

The Lawyers and legal team at MG Law have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you understand your rights, get the help you need and get the settlement you deserve.

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