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Operating an off-road or all-terrain vehicle (ATV) carries safety risks. When negligence causes personal injury, our ATV accident lawyers can help. Driving an ATV is a popular activity during Canadian summertime. However, with riders openly exposed on their journeys, ATV accidents carry serious consequences. In Ontario, ATV riders must follow rules from the Off-road Vehicles Act. 

Not everyone complies to the rules and regulations. To use ATVs in Ontario, you need to get permits and meet insurance requirements. This is important to prevent motor vehicle accidents and ensure safety for everyone. When negligence and subsequent Ontario ATV accidents occur, contact MG Law. If you’ve suffered a snowmobile accident instead, visit our dedicated page.

Injuries Resulting from ATV Crashes

ATV crash injuries can result in a serious and life-altering condition. These accidents often lead to devastating consequences, affecting various body parts and overall health. Some of the most commonly reported injuries include:

Common Causes of ATV Injuries

ATV injuries in Ontario are often the result of various high-risk behaviors and conditions. Understanding the common causes behind these accidents is crucial for promoting safer riding practices and preventing serious harm. These factors include:

  • Collisions with other vehicles
  • Distracted or impaired driving
  • Hill climbing
  • Reckless speeding
  • Vehicle rollover

Injured in an ATV accident? We’re on your side

When ATV accidents take place, you should always report your situation to the police and seek immediate medical attention. After that, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer. Ultimately, the Ontario Insurance Act includes all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), pocket motorcycles and snowmobiles. Most recreational vehicles like these should be insured much like a standard car. Under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, this obligates that ATV riders should have their own vehicle insurance policy. ATV accidents can be very complicated and often take place on private property. 

Therefore, you should speak to our professional ATV accident lawyers today. Our team is innately familiar with what you need to do to bring forth a claim for damages. Additionally, we’ll help you navigate the legal, insurance and healing processes. Remember, injuries can worsen over time. Without timely legal counsel, you risk walking away with little accident benefit or pleading your ATV accident case alone.

Our ATV accident Injury lawyers will get you the settlement you deserve

Helping people recover ATV accident compensation is what we do. We’ve been dealing with insurance companies for years. Put MG Law in your corner and benefit from our experienced Ontario ATV accident lawyers who deal with the unique process of ATV accidents like second nature. Our team can deliver legal advice in your choice of English, French, Greek, Mandarin, Russian, Punjabi, Hindi, and all Arabic dialects. 

Therefore, you can seek the ATV accident settlement you deserve in a language that is comfortable for you. With any Ontario ATV accident, timing is key. Rest assured, MG Law will make sure you have everything in order, so you can focus on what really matters – your rehabilitation and full recovery. ATV accidents can happen at any time. If you were involved in one and it wasn’t your fault, call MG Law for accident claims at 613-730-8460 to get started today.

Ontario ATV accidents can happen any time. If you were involved in an ATV accident and it wasn’t your fault, call MG Law at 613-730-8460 to get started today.

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Our team communicates in English, French, Greek, all Arabic dialects, Mandarin, and Russian, so you can feel more comfortable with our representation.