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Are you looking for an Ottawa swimming pool accident lawyer? Despite being a great way to beat the heat, serious swimming pool accidents can unfortunately occur. Whether you’re injured at a public swimming pool or a neighbour’s swimming pool, MG Law is ready to assist you. Our swimming pool lawyers are here to help you take the first steps after swimming pool accidents take place. Tell us your side of the story and we’ll discuss your options. This way, you can get the swimming pool accident compensation you deserve.

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What incidents can our swimming pool accident lawyers help you with?

Public swimming pools

Here in Ontario, the Occupier’s Liability Act governs that swimming pool owners have a legal obligation to keep their premises reasonably safe. In our experience, there are a few factors leading to public swimming pool accidents and injuries. Furthermore, they are mostly based on human error. Here are some of the common safety breaches that can result in swimming pool accidents taking place.

  • A lack of/insufficient safety equipment and measures in place
  • Insufficient/a lack of supervision for the amount of swimmers present
  • Damaged or defected diving boards or swimming pool access steps
  • A lack of/insufficient fencing around a swimming pool area
  • Negligence from other swimming pool users

Neighbours’ swimming pools

Elsewhere, private swimming pools in neighbours’ gardens provide a great way to cool down from stifling summer heat. Nevertheless, as fun as backyard swimming pools may be, if you are the homeowner where the private swimming pool is based, you are liable for any injuries or even death that may take place on your premises. In some circumstances, homeowners may still be held responsible for serious accidents when injury victims trespass and use your pool without permission. This is why it’s so important to properly fence in your swimming pool, practice proper safety protocols, and prevent access from any unwanted intruders.

Do you need representation from our swimming pool accident lawyers?

Throughout Ontario, many swimming pool property owners have insurance policies that respond to swimming pool accident claims. Nevertheless, you still need swimming pool accident lawyers that are well versed in the complexity and intricacy of claims like these. Rest assured, MG Law offers the legal services you need in your choice of English, French, Greek, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Punjabi, Hindi, and all Arabic dialects. This way, you can understand all the details related to your swimming pool accident claim in the language you’re most comfortable with.

Important steps to take when injured

It’s important to remember that injuries can take some time to present themselves. If you’ve been in a bad accident, it’s important to take these steps regardless of how you feel, as it may take a few days or weeks for the full extent of your injuries to become apparent.

Call the police and report your accident

Police reports are a valuable part of any court proceeding, so ensuring that the police have all the information you have available will reflect positively on your case.

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