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Pedestrian Accidents

Waking up to the sun shining, gentle breeze blowing, and birds chirping is a great reason to head out for a walk. So you get up, get ready, and soon find yourself in a hospital bed after being hit by a car. Not exactly something you expected, but you’ll need someone to come to you who can represent your best interests.

Most times when a driver strikes a person, the driver claims to have not seen the person they hit until it was too late. Whether it’s distracted driving or someone dashing across a street instead of using a crosswalk, the consequences can be life-changing for the pedestrian.

In any case or lawsuit that focuses on pedestrian accidents, the driver will have to prove they did everything they could to avoid the person they struck. Unfortunately, being right or wrong won’t speed up a person’s recovery. MG Law has dealt with both sides of pedestrian accidents and can be your guide to resolution.

Whether you’re an Ontario resident or are from Quebec visiting this province, we’ll review your case for free to help you get started and feel comfortable moving forward. Pedestrian accidents are always serious, and having MG Law at your side goes a long way.

We even offer legal services in fluent French, Russian, and all dialects of Arabic in addition to English, to ensure you fully understand your options moving forward. When it comes to pedestrian accidents, don’t wait to put MG Law in your corner. Give us a call at 613-730-8460.

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