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Published June 16, 2021

Brain injury continues to challenge many caregiver relationships across Canada June is Brain Injury Canada’s Brain Injury Awareness Month and MG Law remains a proud advocate of the inspiring organization. Our firm took part in Brain Injury Canada’s 2021 Virtual Conference earlier this month as more than 160,000 Canadians suffer from a brain injury annually. […]

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Published June 15, 2021

Motorcycle safety starts with you. Keep Ottawa roads safe during this riding season. Warmer weather and longer evenings mean that summer is now officially here in Ottawa. Ultimately, motorcycle riding season is in full swing across Ontario. While there are many Canadians who enjoy taking their motorcycle out for a Sunday drive, this past May […]

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Published May 31, 2021

The complicated nature of psychological injuries and resulting mental health challenges May saw the annual “Mental Health Week” as promoted by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). The tradition is intended to raise awareness about common mental health problems among Canadians. It also highlights those who are living with, or are severely impacted by mental […]

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Published May 30, 2021

Cycling in Ontario offers endless challenges. Stay safe this summer season. Warmer weather in Ottawa means the general public will be enjoying the various parks around the city and taking part in more seasonal cycling. Sure, cycling is a great way to get some exercise. However, it’s also a primary means of transportation for many […]

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Published April 23, 2021

Hydroplaning accidents should be top of mind for Ottawa drivers this spring Springtime is rainy season for Ottawa and its surrounding communities. As such, local drivers should be well aware of the potential dangers of hydroplaning accidents. Heavy rainfall poses a unique problem for drivers as oil and dust can mix with rain and create […]

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Published April 22, 2021

Ottawa citizens should be aware of distracted walking and its dangers The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many Ottawa citizens into an extended state of working from home. Remote work has become increasingly common while gyms and health spas experience rolling shutdowns. This has resulted in many residents taking up walking, running or jogging to get […]

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Published March 18, 2021

With warmer weather finally hitting the Ottawa area, many residents will be cycling again. Besides, choosing two wheels over four is a great way to get some fresh air after months spent in lockdown. The unfortunate truth however is that bicycling carries significant personal injury risks. Cyclists have the responsibility to protect themselves and others […]

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Published February 18, 2021

Speed cameras create a huge spike in Ottawa speeding fines Last year, the city of Ottawa ramped up efforts to catch speeders by installing speed cameras at eight different major intersections. The result was a staggering $2.5 in fines. The surge in Ottawa speeding fines has put speeders on red alert. Our local authorities are […]

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These simple snowmobile safety tips can save lives Snowmobile safety has been in sharp focus lately. Last month, three different collisions left two dead and one injured in just a single winter weekend. With Eastern Ontario shaken by these tragic events, the incidents underline the importance of proper snowmobile safety. Ultimately, those who follow guidelines […]

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