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Published July 17, 2019

Canada is blessed with an abundance of lakes and rivers, and therefore what better way is there to celebrate summer than recreational boating? Boating is one of the country’s favourite pastimes and although most do it safely, it is still a common source of injury. An 18-year study by the Canadian Red Cross stated that […]

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Published July 5, 2019

L. Craig Brown* Craig Brown is now the counsel to MG Law. Please read his article about cyclist and motorcyclist safety on the road Cyclists and motorcyclists know that two wheels can be more fun than four. Few things in life compare with the feeling of banking into a long curve on a sunny spring […]

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Published June 11, 2019

Written by Sophie Luesby, LL.B. Candidate, MG Law The cause of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has eluded health care professionals and scientists for many years. Autism was first described in the 1940s, but did not become an important subject of research until the last few decades.1 Given the complexity and the variety of presentations, it […]

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Published May 29, 2019

A single muscle, formed of more than 100 billion nerve cells, is responsible for coordinating all human actions. It’s true. The brain is the backbone for just about every thought you make and action you take, yet it is so fragile that life can change forever after a single accident. That’s why it’s so important […]

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Published April 23, 2019

The definition of “accident” under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule is any incident where the use or operation of an automobile directly causes an injury.  What is an automobile? Section 1 of the Highway Traffic Act defines “motor vehicle” as follows: “Includes an automobile, motorcycle, motor assisted bicycle…and any other vehicle propelled or driven otherwise […]

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Published April 4, 2019

If a person is injured or killed by the fault or neglect of another, their family members may be entitled to compensation under s. 61(1) the Family Law Act. The Family Law Act will allow you to bring a claim if you are married to the injured or deceased person, or lived with this person […]

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Published March 12, 2019

You’re riding on the bus, and the driver suddenly slams on the brakes to avoid a collision with another vehicle. Now you’re injured and require treatment. How can you obtain the medical help and compensation you need for your injuries? Unfortunately for bus riders, as of May 10, 2011, Ontario riders on public transit vehicles […]

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Published February 25, 2019

It’s official, winter is in full force and that means we must adjust our driving habits and be fully prepared. After all, almost 30% of all traffic accidents in Canada happen on snow or ice covered roads. To start, make sure you have four winter tires installed on your vehicle, in many cases this will […]

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Published February 11, 2019

A municipality is responsible for keeping the highway in a reasonable state of repair as per s. 44 (1) of the Municipal Act1. This “state of repair” also applies to winter road maintenance of highways. You can win your case if you can prove that a road was not kept in a reasonable state of […]

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