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Published March 18, 2021

With warmer weather finally hitting the Ottawa area, many residents will be cycling again. Besides, choosing two wheels over four is a great way to get some fresh air after months spent in lockdown. The unfortunate truth however is that bicycling carries significant personal injury risks. Cyclists have the responsibility to protect themselves and others […]

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Published February 18, 2021

Speed cameras create a huge spike in Ottawa speeding fines Last year, the city of Ottawa ramped up efforts to catch speeders by installing speed cameras at eight different major intersections. The result was a staggering $2.5 in fines. The surge in Ottawa speeding fines has put speeders on red alert. Our local authorities are […]

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These simple snowmobile safety tips can save lives Snowmobile safety has been in sharp focus lately. Last month, three different collisions left two dead and one injured in just a single winter weekend. With Eastern Ontario shaken by these tragic events, the incidents underline the importance of proper snowmobile safety. Ultimately, those who follow guidelines […]

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Published February 10, 2021

In January, Travelers Insurance brought a motion asking an MG Law client to produce a transcript from their refugee hearing. MG Law successfully defended their client, and the Travelers’ motion is dismissed. Background to this automobile insurance dispute The License Appeal Tribunal motion hearing, W. A. v. Travelers, 20-006032/AABS, took place on January 29, 2021. […]

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Published January 13, 2021

The risk of motor vehicle accidents increases during Canadian wintertime. Given the speeds and icy conditions involved, resulting catastrophic impairment isn’t uncommon. According to the Allstate Canada 2017 Safe Driving Study, the three months with the highest number of car accidents were December, January and February. So what if you or a loved one is […]

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By Sophie Luesby, LL.B. When pursuing a possible tort claim for injuries or damages sustained during a motor vehicle accident, it’s important to understand the deductibles involved. The compensation awarded relies heavily on the extent of your injuries. As a result, once you subtract the deductible from your compensation, many cases are no longer considered […]

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Published December 8, 2020

Being in a motor vehicle collision that results in amputation is a life-changing situation that causes unimaginable stress and pain. It completely changes your life and you shouldn’t have to bear that stress alone. MG Law was recently contacted by John, who was involved in a motor vehicle collision which resulted in a leg amputation. […]

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Published December 1, 2020

By Sophie Luesby As Rule 7.08(1) of the Rule of Civil Procedure states: No settlement of a claim made by or against a person under disability, whether or not a proceeding has been commenced in respect of the claim, is binding on the person without the approval of a judge. Which legislation governs capacity-related issues? […]

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Published November 24, 2020

According to a report by the OECD’s International Transport Forum, Canada is among only seven industrialized nations where pedestrian injuries and deaths are on the increase. Pedestrian cases often result in very substantial injuries.  Common errors among drivers involved in pedestrian collisions include: failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians; distraction and inattention; and, speeding.  […]

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