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Published January 22, 2020

Are judges getting tired of Aviva Insurance intimidation and hardball tactics? In Persampieri v. Hobbs et al., an 84-year-old plaintiff sued the defendant for a rear-end collision. Aviva Insurance defended the claim and put it through its “defensible program”. They maintained their offer to settle at $0 throughout the litigation. The jury awarded nearly $70,000 […]

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Published January 15, 2020

The weather outside may be frightful, but there are so many things to do in Ottawa that are delightful! Whether you enjoy going for winter walks, heading to the canal for some skating, or taking a stroll through the Byward Market, these extra precautions will help you stay safe and prevent slips and falls. Ice […]

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Stay Safe with The Ultimate Winter Driving Survival Guide

Published December 11, 2019

Temperatures are dropping, snow is falling, and roads are as icy as ever. Imagine you’re driving on rural roads towards a weekend winter getaway. Suddenly you hit a patch of black ice, swerve off the pavement, and end up in a ditch. You try to call for assistance, but there’s no service. Now what? Why […]

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Published November 26, 2019

You just sustained a serious injury in a slip and fall accident, what are your concerns? Municipal Cases Limitation Periods and Reasonable Excuse If your slip and fall occurred at the municipal property, the Municipal Act states you have 10 days to provide a written notice to the Municipality. You have two years from the […]

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Published November 22, 2019

Thought high visibility or reflective clothing is just for construction workers, traffic wardens and the emergency services? Think again! Despite this clothing reducing your likelihood of being involved in a pedestrian accident this winter, wearing high visibility or reflective gear is often seen as unfashionable or a social taboo. It shouldn’t be however. According to […]

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Published October 4, 2019

What to do after a concussion injury Here at MG Law, we hope you never have to deal with the effects of mild traumatic brain injury or as its more popularly known, concussion. Unfortunately, accidents happen. From car accidents to slips and falls, getting struck on the head to suffering strong bodily contact during sports […]

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Published September 9, 2019

Pay attention at intersections Despite a significant increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, The City of Ottawa has declared their roadways among the safest in Canada.  Thousands upon thousands of cars, trucks, motorcycles, cyclists, and pedestrians make their way through Ottawa’s intersections on a daily basis. Although intersections are designed to be […]

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Published August 7, 2019

Information on truck accidents Driving on any major highway can be intimidating for even the most experienced driver. There is a lot to consider when going a certain speed, and sharing the road with transport trucks doesn’t make it any easier. In fact, if you’ve ever felt a bit uneasy about driving next to one, […]

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Published July 17, 2019

Important safety tips when boating Canada is blessed with an abundance of lakes and rivers, and therefore what better way is there to celebrate summer than recreational boating? Boating is one of the country’s favourite pastimes and although most do it safely, it is still a common source of injury. An 18-year study by the […]

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