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How Safe Is It To Cycle In Ottawa In 2020?

Averaging nine hours of sunshine per day and a temperature of 17°C 1, June is a great time to cycle in Ottawa – or is it? Two-wheel enthusiasts could be forgiven for thinking twice about strapping on their crash helmets and reaching for their handlebars following four local cycling deaths last year.

What types of cycling accidents took place last year?

In 2019, Laurier Avenue W. (May), Hunt Club Road (June), Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard (July) and Renaud Road (August) were the scenes of tragic cycling deaths in the greater Ottawa area. Some of these accidents involved victims being hit from behind and even struck while using a bike lane. It’s important to understand that cycling accidents are categorized into four distinct groups:

  • Dooring – Cyclists hit by a door from a parked/ stationary car
  • Rear end – Cyclists hit by vehicles from behind
  • Right hooks – Cyclists going straight are t-boned by vehicles turning right
  • Sideswipes – Cyclists hit by vehicles passing too closely on the right

What is being done to improve cyclists’ safety?

Speaking in light of last year’s tragedies, a member of Bike Ottawa’s board of directors, Érinn Cunningham commented: “There are still places where cyclists are still forced to share the road with fast moving vehicles.” Indeed, May’s incident along Laurier Avenue W. was a hit and run where the cyclist was struck in a painted bike lane not segregated from vehicles. Following this incident, the city made interim improvements along the route, including:

  • Replacing yield signs with stop signs
  • Installing flexible stakes along the bike lane
  • Installing a bike signal at the Confederation Park – City Hall crosswalk

With separate incidents taking place since then throughout the city, staying vigilant against negligent drivers is paramount in reducing cycling accidents, no matter where or when you’re biking.

How many cyclists currently use Ottawa’s roadways?

According to a statistical infographic generated by Bike Ottawa in January 2018, around 11,700 Ottawa residents cycle to work in the city with an estimated 16 million bike trips made every year.

The Laurier Avenue W. safety improvements have been extremely welcome, especially considering there were 489,533 bike rides on the Laurier bike lane in 2017 alone, accounting for a 27% increase since 20122.

Questioning “how safe is it to cycle in Ottawa in 2020?” the answer is as safe as cyclists and drivers strive to make it. By keeping alert and respectful of other road users, whether on two wheels or four, Ottawa’s road users always have a shared duty to protect themselves and each other.

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