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MG Law’s personal injury blog is the resource you’ve been looking for. This section keeps you informed about the latest news, events and updates related to personal injury and its associated laws in Ontario. Read our blogs below and if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, give us a call. This way, we can speak about your serious personal injury in greater detail.

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What Are Psychological Injuries And How Can They Be Proven?

License Appeal Tribunal Denies Travelers’ Motion For A Transcript From A Refugee Hearing

OPCF 48 – What Is It And How Does It Affect My Claim?

4 Tips For Completing The Application For Determination Of Catastrophic Impairment (OCF-19)

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Long-Term Disability Denied? Understanding Your Options When This Happens.

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What Is A Catastrophic Impairment?

Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident 2 Years Ago? Submit Your Court Claim Electronically With MG Law.

Hurt In An Ottawa Road Traffic Accident During COVID-19?

Should You Tell Your Lawyer Everything? And More On Solicitor-Client Privilege.

Litigating Your Slip And Fall Case

Damages For Family Members Of The Injured Persons

Finding Legal Help Away From Home: Quebec Residents Involved In Accidents In Ontario

Should You Tell Your Lawyer The Truth? Why It’s Important

Wrongful Death Claims in Ontario

Over-Serving: The Responsibilities of Being a Host

Are You Entitled To Disability Benefits?

Coping With Injuries – How To Get Back On Your Feet

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