Kyle Nayman, J.D. Admitted To The Partnership Of MGLaw Personal Injury

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Kyle Nayman, J.D. Admitted To The Partnership Of MG Law

We are thrilled to announce that Kyle Nayman, J.D. was admitted to the partnership of MG Law on August 30, 2021.

Many congratulations on this achievement Kyle. We’re delighted you have reached this latest milestone in your career. You are a credit to both our Ottawa personal injury law firm and your profession.

At MG Law, Kyle dedicates his practice to motor vehicle accidents; slip, trip and fall accidents; medical malpractice, and product liability. He also handles matters involving short and long-term disability.

Kyle continues to represent victims of serious and catastrophic accidents, and is always prepared to take cases to trial if necessary. Learn more about Kyle here.

Kyle Nayman, J.D. can be reached at or (613) 730-8460.

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