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Kyle Nayman, J.D.

Personal Injury Lawyer

I am a partner at MG Law, and a member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the County of Carleton Law Association. I am also a licenced Notary Public in Ontario. In 2020, I also became a member of The American Association for Justice (AAJ). I am fluently bilingual, and am pleased to assist my clients in both English and French. Furthermore, I have experience representing clients throughout the province of Ontario.

My practice is primarily focused on assisting victims of motor vehicle accidents as well as slip, trip, and fall accidents. I also handle matters involving short and long-term disability, medical malpractice, product liability, and sexual assault.

Whether it’s assisting clients with pursuing tort actions against at-fault parties, helping them receive coverage for accident benefits from their own auto insurers, or representing them in disputes when insurers unjustifiably deny them benefits, being there for my clients is important to me.

I have a proven track record, and have successfully recovered millions of dollars in compensation for my clients. Furthermore, I represent our clients during many stages of the litigation process including, but not limited to, examinations for discovery, mediation sessions, and examinations under oath. In the course of representing my clients, I have developed adversarial – but professional – relationships with insurance defence counsel from many law firms as well as with numerous adjusters from the major insurance companies.

My philosophy is to seek a settlement that protects my clients’ interests if possible, but I’m always prepared to take their case to trial if necessary.

I hold a B.A. in Political Science from Concordia University, a certificate in Quebec Civil Law from Université de Montréal, and a J.D. from the French Common Law Program at the University of Ottawa. I have also had the honour of having my scholarly work published.


Have any questions? Want to know if you have a case? Contact MG Law at:
Tel: (613) 730-8460

Have any questions? Want to know if you have a case? Contact MG Law at:
Tel: (613) 730-8460

Important steps to take when injured

It’s important to remember that injuries can take some time to present themselves. If you’ve been in a bad accident, it’s important to take these steps regardless of how you feel, as it may take a few days or weeks for the full extent of your injuries to become apparent.

Call the police and report your accident

Police reports are a valuable part of any court proceeding, so ensuring that the police have all the information you have available will reflect positively on your case.

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