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Published May 14, 2020

MG Law has always existed to help our valued members of the local community. With COVID-19 devastating a nearby Ontario care home, we simply had to help.

Inspired by the story of six-year-old kid Lennox Donnelly, MG Law just donated $5,000 to the Almonte Country Haven.

Based around 30 minutes from Ottawa, the local community was rocked by the news that 28 residents passed away due to the pandemic.

With Donnelly having family ties to the facility, we were so proud of the little humanitarian’s amazing efforts in raising several hundred dollars to help with relief.

Speaking to CBC News, Donnelly said: “I just wanted to support the staff and make everyone feel better.”

An amazing act of courage, MG Law wanted to do our bit to help too. Our donation will go towards the supply of staff meals and personal protective equipment.

In an interview with CBC News, MG Law’s Miryam Gorelashvili said: “It broke my heart.

“The story of so many people dying in the nursing home, it was devastating.

“I saw what he was doing and I was thinking, well, if this little boy can do what he can … we can probably do much better.

“We just have to open our hearts and do what we can.”

This week, Lennox and his father used part of the funds he raised to deliver lunch for staff at the home.

An amazing act of selflessness, you can make your own donation by contacting administrator Carolyn Della Foresta at or 613-256-3095 ext. 222.



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