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Hurt In An Ottawa Road Traffic Accident During COVID-19?

With the developing COVID-19 pandemic, people are self-isolating under the strict order to stay home. With many people off work or working from home and only venturing out for essentials like groceries, we are seeing far less drivers on the road. While you’d think the lack of traffic would make for a safer journey, unfortunately many people are seeing this as an opportunity to drive recklessly.

The police in many Ontario cities1, including Ottawa, have reported a pretty significant rise in citations being handed out for both speeding and stunt driving. During the week commencing March 23, Ottawa police seized a total of 15 vehicles for stunt driving related offences2.

What is the new process for reporting a collision?

At this current time, the Ottawa Police Services have changed the way the public reports collisions that don’t involve injuries or criminal violations. Here is the new process:

  1. Accidents must first be reported by telephone via (613) 236-1222 to receive a report number and telephone extension number for your nearest police station. 
  2. If the damage to your vehicle exceeds $2,000, you’ll be instructed to go to the nearest police station with a Collision Reporting Centre to proceed with photo evidence. You’ll also be given a telephone extension number to call once you’ve arrived. 
  3. Once at the station, you should proceed directly to the Collision Reporting Centre’s photo booth located outside of the station.

With this system, there’s no need to enter the police station to finalize the report. The motor vehicle collision reports have gone digital, resulting in a more timely process for distributing these reports to the Ministry of Transportation, the City of Ottawa, and insurance providers.

What if there were injuries sustained or suspected criminal behaviour?

If there were any injuries sustained or any suspected criminal violations involved in the collision, then you must remain at the scene and immediately contact the police and/or emergency services. 

Where can I find these collision reporting centres?

Collision Reporting Centres are open seven days a week and located at three police stations in greater Ottawa:

How will COVID-19 affect my personal injury claim?

We understand how difficult the COVID-19 pandemic has made life for our clients. With lots of services changing their offerings or shutting down temporarily, we want you to know that we continue to be completely committed to advocating for your health and safety during these tumultuous times.

In order to keep our clients and colleagues safe, we’ve implemented specific precautionary measures. For the time being, in-person meetings are no longer available. We are facilitating client interviews by phone, email, Skype and Zoom, and have our office staff members working remotely.

Whether you’re an existing client or someone who has recently been injured, call us at (613) 730-8460 or fill out our online form to speak with a member of our team.




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