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Daylight Savings – Less Sleep Means More Car Accidents

Spring is a great time of year. The days are longer, the temperature slowly begins to rise, and the flowers start to bloom. Spring is also known for seeing a rise in car accidents, specifically around Daylight Savings.

When you really stop and think about it, there’s nothing too surprising about this. There are always a few people who have a hard time giving up that hour of sleep when the week begins. Drivers can feel the effects of this the most. Just like jet lag, losing an hour of sleep to Daylight Savings affects your mood, reaction time and overall alertness on the road. These combine to see a small spike in the number of car accidents that happen when the clock springs forward an hour.

This doesn’t mean you should be terrified the Monday after Daylight Savings! Just be sure to exercise a little bit more caution near busy roads as drivers adjust to the time change. Remember, serious car accidents can happen any time, but you don’t have to face the experience alone. It’s important to have someone on your side to fight for what you deserve.

At MG Law, we take pride in being there when our community and clients need us. While we would love it if there were no more car accidents, we know that’s just not the case. No matter how safe you are on the road, accidents happen. So make sure to have someone on your side when they do. We can be your support system through these difficult and trying times.

Trust us, having someone on your side to fight for you goes a long way in helping you rest and recover. We’ll take the stress of dealing with insurance companies off your mind and strive to produce the best results available to you. Our skilled team has dealt with countless cases involving car accidents, so we’re confident in our abilities to represent you. Just give us a call, and be careful this Daylight Savings.

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