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What You Need To Know About Pedestrian-Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, pedestrian-vehicle accidents are quite common, especially during the summer months when people are outside enjoying the nice weather. Typically, only the pedestrian involved suffers serious injuries. Drivers are often blamed for not being careful enough or neglecting to lookout for pedestrians. However, onus is also on the pedestrian to do their part in ensuring their safety. There are instances when a judge may rule in favour of the driver because the pedestrian failed to act with care for his/her own safety. This is known as contributory negligence. Essentially, pedestrians cannot assume that a driver will always be found liable in the event of an accident.

Both pedestrians and drivers must practice safe habits when either walking or driving. Pedestrians should only cross at designated crosswalks and look out for traffic. It is important to never cross a street in the face of oncoming vehicles. Walk, never run or jog across a busy intersection. Ensure that you are visible to drivers, especially at night. Pedestrians are more likely to get hit if they are distracted, so avoiding phones or loud music is paramount.

Drivers must also maintain a proper lookout and keep the windows and mirrors of their vehicle clean and free of obstructions. They should also maintain an appropriate speed based on the local limit and weather conditions. In areas where there are a lot of pedestrians it is best for drivers to be more cautious. Although to many it may be common sense, never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as it impairs the driver’s ability to make sound decisions. Finally, always avoid talking or texting on the phone while driving.

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