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Involved In A Motor Vehicle Accident Over 2 Years Ago? You May Qualify For Catastrophic Impairment Designation.

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If you’ve suffered injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you may have applied for accident benefits. Statutory Accident Benefits are coverages provided by law under every auto insurance policy in Ontario. Statutory Accident Benefits provide compensation, regardless of fault, if you, your passengers, or pedestrians, suffer injury or death in motor vehicle collision. 

What is a designation of catastrophic impairment? 

Our team at MG Law can help you navigate the application process and can assist you in getting the accident benefits you require. Moreover, our team can also assist you in your Application for Determination of Catastrophic Impairment. This is important because a Designation of Catastrophic Impairment will give an injured person access to a significant increase in benefits coverage to fund their treatment. This increase could be crucial to the management of their injuries and impairments, and ultimately their quality of life. For example, should you be deemed catastrophically injured by your auto insurance provider, then your medical rehabilitation and attendant care needs are typically funded up to $1 million for your lifetime. Additionally, certain other benefits are also increased, extended or made available. For instance, $100 per week in housekeeping benefits. 

What injuries are automatically deemed catastrophic? 

Some injuries are automatically deemed catastrophic upon receipt of the Application for Determination of Catastrophic Impairments. These include paraplegia or amputation. Other injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury in a person claiming to have a 55% “whole person impairment”, may stipulate that the individual waits two years or more before submitting the application. Once an application is submitted, the auto insurer will typically require the injured person to attend a series of medical assessments. This is for the purposes of determining whether the criteria for catastrophic impairment have been met. MG Law can assist you in obtaining your own assessments to ensure that you receive the fairest chance of a Catastrophic Impairment Designation and the associated funds.   

Let MG Law provide the help you need 

Dealing with your auto insurance company can be stressful and time consuming. This is why our team at MG Law is ready to assist you during these difficult times. Therefore, you can focus on what really matters – your rehabilitation. For legal guidance, please fill out our online form by clicking here or give us a call at (613) 730-8460 and speak to an intake specialist who will be ready to help. 

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