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Which Intersections Captured The Most Ottawa Speeding Fines In 2020?

Speed cameras create a huge spike in Ottawa speeding fines

Last year, the city of Ottawa ramped up efforts to catch speeders by installing speed cameras at eight different major intersections. The result was a staggering $2.5 million in fines. The surge in Ottawa speeding fines has put speeders on red alert. Our local authorities are assuring the public that these speed cameras will ultimately protect the community and create safer roads.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said speed camera revenue would be used to improve road safety. This reaffirmed his commitment to reducing needless auto injuries and fatalities across our city. Four cameras were used, two at fixed locations with two more cameras moved around to six different locations across the city. The results were shocking as 47,231 speeding charges were handed out across just six months. The cameras were installed in July of 2020 and data reports captured information until the end of the year. 

The simple installation of these cameras will deter speeding but unfortunately, many local residents continue to disobey posted limits. The cameras are equipped with high-frequency radar that can capture a driver’s speed and photograph the incident with the driver’s licence visible. Ultimately, fighting one of these tickets is a complicated matter, especially with photographic proof.

Remember, excessive speeding poses an incredible risk to our local communities. Residents should always use speed wisely and take note of these particular Ottawa intersections. Save yourself the trouble of a ticket, or even worse, an auto collision involving multiple cars or pedestrians. High-speed collisions often result in death or serious injury. If communities collectively slow down, they can be prevented altogether.

Ottawa speeding fines at an all-time high at these speed camera locations

We’ve dug through the data and ranked fines from highest to lowest in an effort to identify the top locations for speed camera charges in Ottawa. As a community, we can save lives by slowing down across major highways and country roads. 

  • Near 50 Bayshore Drive – $551,7878
  • Innes Road between Provence Avenue and Trim Road – $505,680
  • Smyth Road between Haig Drive and Edgecomb Street – $475,584
  • Meadowlands Drive West between Winthrow Avenue and Thatcher Street – $418,737
  • Ogilvie Road between Appleford Street and Elmlea Gate – $333,886
  • Katimavik Road between Castlefrank Road and McGibbon Drive – $202,618
  • Longfields Drive between Highbury Park Drive and Via Verona Avenue – $47,560
  • Watters Drive between Charlemagne Boulevard and Roberval Avenue – $24,067

Information sourced from this CBC News article dated January 29

Ottawa speeding fines intended to save lives and stamp out dangerous driving

Speed is the most common reason for Ontario auto accidents. By paying attention to the posted limits, this provides safer roadways for the entire community.

In fact, even a small percentage increase in speed can result in an incredibly devastating collision. Auto collisions at high speeds are more forceful and increase the chance of the collision being fatal. 

Those that choose to drive at higher speeds tend to have a narrower field of vision and are unable to spot problems before they happen. Furthermore, speed will reduce the reaction times of all drivers pre-collision. Safer roads are possible, but it will take a collective effort from the community to reduce collisions and save lives.

A safe community requires drivers to obey limits to prevent the loss of life in high-speed accidents or collisions. Thousands die and get injured every year due to auto collisions that could have been prevented by slowing down. The needless loss of life can be devastating to a community or family so obey posted limits and always drive safe.

Safer roads and fewer Ottawa speeding fines

The Safer Roads Ottawa Program is a cross-institutional collaboration with public services to reduce and prevent road and motor vehicle accidents in the city. It involves Ottawa Public Health, The Ottawa Transportation Services Department, and first responders. The program’s intention is to promote a complete culture change in regards to road safety. With ongoing community engagement along with the development of long-lasting safe transportation offerings, the city of Ottawa remains highly committed to keeping citizens safe.

Local, provincial and federal authorities are also collaborating by creating the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) that focuses on specific infractions and public education. Visit their website to learn more about these initiatives. 

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