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Union Express Bus Crash Press Release

Ottawa lawyer Miryam Gorelashvili (MG Law), with counsel Craig Brown of Thomson, Rogers in Toronto, has been retained by many of the victims of the recent Union Express bus crash, now known as the Union Express Plaintiffs Group.

Notice of pending claims have been sent to potential defendants including the Ministry of Transportation for its role in failing to maintain Highway 401 in a safe condition for use by the travelling public.

Ms Gorelashvili continues to lead efforts on behalf of her clients to provide medical and rehabilitation benefits through the Union Express’s no-fault accident benefits insurance coverage.

Any victim wishing to join the Union Express Plaintiffs Group should contact MG Law at: 1-613-730-8460 and ask for Chunlin Huang for service in Mandarin and English.


渥太华MG Law律师事务所律师Miryam Gorelashvili与多伦多Tomson Rogers律师事务所律师Craig Brown受Union Express旅游大巴事故中多名伤者的委托,现成为Union Express事件原告方 (the Union Express Plaintiffs Group)。

有关待决索赔的通知已经发送给包括交通部(the Ministry of Transportation)在内的潜在被告方。交通部在维护Hwy401道路安全以供旅行公众使用的问题上疏忽职守。

律师Miryam Gorelashvili继续代表她的所有委托人,通过Union Express无过失意外保险来为委托人争取在医疗和康复上的费用。

任何希望加入Union Express原告方(the Union Express Plaintiffs Group)的事故伤者,请联系MG Law律师事务所电话:1-613-730-8460,Chunlin Huang将会提供中文和英文的服务。

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