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Miryam Gorelashvili Meets With Goss Magazine

MG Law was built by Miryam Gorelashvili in 2010 to help victims of personal injury accidents get the compensation that they need to heal. For Miryam and MG Law, everything is personal. These accidents are just about pain and suffering, they’re about losing jobs, losing families, preventative deaths, and more.

That’s why we employ a team that speaks many languages and understands many different cultures. We speak Greek, Russian, all dialects of Arabic, Mandarin, and French. We don’t just discuss the case with our clients, we ask them questions about their past, present, and future.

To learn more about what motivated Miryam to begin her firm, why she chose the field of law, what it’s like being a woman in law, and much more, follow the below link.

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Our team communicates in English, French, Greek, all Arabic dialects, Mandarin, and Russian, so you can feel more comfortable with our representation.