Miryam Gorelashvili Acclaimed To OTLA 2020-21 WTLC Chair Position

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MG Law’s Miryam Gorelashvili Acclaimed To The OTLA 2020-21 WTLC Chair Position

MG Law is delighted to announce that personal injury lawyer Miryam Gorelashvili has been acclaimed to the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association 2020-21 WTLC Chair position.

Standing for Women’s Trial Lawyers Caucus, Miryam succeeds existing chair Rachel Radomski and will be joined by incoming vice-chair Laura Dickson.

Also assuming a non-voting position with the OTLA Board of Directors, the MG Law team was thrilled to hear news of this fantastic achievement in Miryam’s career.

Continuing her day-to-day work at MG Law, Miryam and our team always strive to take care of injury claims and litigation details so clients can get back to living their lives.

Who is The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association?

Ultimately, the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association exists to advocate for the rights of those who have suffered injury and loss through the wrongdoing of others.

Established in 1991, the professional non-profit association operates for lawyers and comprises over 1,400 members spread across Ontario, other Canadian provinces, and U.S. states too.

As part of OTLA’s work, the organization improves access to justice across Ontario by working together with local communities.

This includes promotion and lobbying for full and fair protection of the rights of those who have suffered injury and losses.

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