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How Pedestrians Can Stay Safe After Dark This Winter

Thought high visibility or reflective clothing is just for construction workers, traffic wardens and the emergency services? Think again! Despite this clothing reducing your likelihood of being involved in a pedestrian accident this winter, wearing high visibility or reflective gear is often seen as unfashionable or a social taboo.

It shouldn’t be however. According to a 2007 road safety survey from the Government of Canada, about 60% of Canadian drivers admitted that they occasionally drove while fatigued*. With clocks having gone back one hour and evenings growing darker, the risk of fatigued driving increases at this time of year.

Being safe doesn’t always mean wearing bright orange or yellow either. Nowadays, newer fashionable products feature reflective threads. Elsewhere, handy accessories can be easily applied to your existing clothing too. We’ve prepared a list of some of the best products available to keep you safe.

High visibility jackets

Not simply for the construction site, high visibility jackets feature reflective taping and are often waterproof to combat winter rain too. But what colour to choose – orange or yellow? In short, both are designed to be conspicuous. Always check the labels or ask a member of staff about products meeting the required high visibility standards.

Reflective vests

Often worn by runners, reflective vests come in various shapes and sizes but are all designed for one purpose – to help you be seen. Available for as little as $10 on Amazon, some products allow you to be seen from over 750 feet away providing trusty protection in avoiding a pedestrian accident.

LED armbands

Armbands aren’t just something for a fancy dress party. LED armbands have existed for a long time now and are incredibly easy to apply. You slip into your thick warm coat the end of the day so why not LED armbands too? Often adjustable to fit loose or snuggly, their high brightness is perfect for everything from evening commutes to winter runs.

High visibility headwear

From beanies to caps to headbands, there is more high visibility headwear available online than ever before. Canadian winters demand appropriate headwear anyway so by simply switching to noticeable alternatives, you can improve your visibility in one fell swoop. Not all headwear needs to be bright orange or yellow either. Safe darker alternatives exist online too. Just check they feature reflective threads in the design.

High visibility winter gloves

Much like headwear, gloves are a staple part of surviving a Canadian winter. Given the myriad of products available online today, a quick Google search will lead you to high visibility winter gloves in no time at all. Commonplace in the construction industry, they’re just another way you can improve your visibility on sidewalks and on the street.

Being open to wearing high visibility or reflective clothing and combatting attitudes of it’ll never happen to me helps individuals reduce their chance of being involved in a pedestrian accident this winter.

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*Statistics accurate as of 6 November 2019 as sourced from the Government of Canada website.

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