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Five Best Snowmobile Safety Tips For Beginners And Seasoned Riders

These simple snowmobile safety tips can save lives

Snowmobile safety has been in sharp focus lately. Last month, three different collisions left two dead and one injured in just a single winter weekend. With Eastern Ontario shaken by these tragic events, the incidents underline the importance of proper snowmobile safety. Ultimately, those who follow guidelines on designated trails are playing an important role in keeping themselves and the rest of our local communities safe.

The incidents occurred just one day apart, with the first crash in Bancroft and the second in Ingleside. The third collision occurred in Alexandria but injuries weren’t life threatening. Reports have detailed that the Ingleside collision occurred when a snowmobile crossed paths with an oncoming vehicle on a road, killing the man at the scene of the crash. Investigations into the crashes are ongoing. Nevertheless, the devastation and trauma caused to the victims’ families and their communities will remain forever.

Proper snowmobile safety can keep you and others safe

Reckless snowmobiling poses many dangers in our local communities. Remember, those who drive snowmobiles or All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATVs) are at risk of facing the same consequences as motor vehicle drivers should they be impaired by drugs or alcohol. Snowmobiling or ATV-ing under the influence can result in serious and criminal impaired driving charges. Furthermore, these charges can prevent your ability to travel or find work. 

These charges could also include massive fines, revocation of your driver’s licence, and a criminal record that will last for the rest of your life. Your ability to travel will be hindered for the rest of your life, as you could potentially be ineligible for entry into the United States or other countries. Additionally, such charges could threaten your eligibility to work, especially in industries that require the operation of a vehicle. An impaired driving charge could also prompt your dismissal at your workplace as many companies conduct regular criminal record checks to ensure the quality of their workforce. If an employer discovers you’ve been found guilty of impaired driving, it can be very damaging.

The consequences of impaired snowmobiling are very real and can include prison time as well. Serious snowmobile crashes can result in death or long-term injury, extreme long-term trauma, and highly complicated mental health issues. The aftermath of a serious collision is life changing not only for you, but others, along with their families and support networks.

These devastating incidents can be avoided with some simple snowmobile safety tips that are practical for riders of any experience level. Don’t risk serious bodily harm with improper snowmobiling or recreational vehicle use. Be responsible for the safety of those around you and play your part in safe snowmobiling.

Five snowmobile safety tips that all beginners and seasoned riders should pay close attention to

Take a close look at these snowmobiling safety tips that can help keep yourself and others free from harm. Snowmobiles require careful maintenance and licences, just in the same way as an automobile does. Before you ride, ensure that you are following all the necessary rules and trails. Following public guidelines regarding snowmobile use can help save lives. Remember, it’s your duty to ensure that you practice regular safe snowmobiling.

  • Control your speed: Speed kills and slowing down can help save lives and reduce the seriousness of a collision.
  • Keep on course: Stay on designated snowmobile trails and avoid roads that are designated for cars and trucks. Never enter into private property.
  • Avoid frozen waters: Stay far away from frozen lakes or ponds as ice thickness might not provide enough support for your snowmobile.
  • Use as intended: Use machinery as it was intended, meaning no extra passengers or no pulling along of other objects.
  • Use the buddy system: Avoid driving alone at night and use extreme caution when driving in poor weather.

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