5 Motorcycle Safety Tips | Help Keep Ottawa’s Roads Safe This Summer

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Riding Season Is Here, But Don’t Leave Home Before Reading These Top 5 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle safety starts with you. Keep Ottawa roads safe during this riding season.

Warmer weather and longer evenings mean that summer is now officially here in Ottawa. Ultimately, motorcycle riding season is in full swing across Ontario. While there are many Canadians who enjoy taking their motorcycle out for a Sunday drive, this past May saw disaster strike. On May 15, news broke that Ottawa police responded to two motorcycle crashes at the same time in the city’s rural west end.

This unfortunate news is a sobering reminder of how dangerous motorcycling truly is, and how devastating the consequences really are. Before you head out for a drive this summer, consider the 5 motorcycle safety tips listed in this MG Law blog. They encourage safer driving and will help protect the general public across the Ottawa region.

Motorcycle safety a top concern for Ottawa’s general public

As mentioned at the outset, on May 15, police and first responders were called to the scene of an accident that involved a young motorcycle driver who collided with a pick-up truck on Dunrobin Road near the intersection of Thomas A. Dolan. The motorcycle itself was considered to be a “road legal” dirt bike, and the collision resulted in potentially life-threatening injuries to the young man riding the dirt bike.

Coincidentally, at the same time, a second motorcycle accident occurred. This was just ten kilometers away on Donald B. Munro Drive near the intersection with Diamondview Road. The second crash occurred when a motorcycle collided with another car but fortunately did not result in life-threatening injuries.

These two collisions occurring in such close proximity to one another further underlines the dangers of motorcycling in Ottawa. Ultimately, the high speeds involved in motorcycling not only endanger riders but other road users and the general public themselves. In short, motorcycling collisions can result in serious, long-term, and traumatic injuries that can change people’s lives forever.

5 motorcycle safety tips that will help make Ottawa roads safer

Do your part when riding a motorcycle and use these simple tips that are appropriate for both rookie and seasoned riders. It’s your duty to help keep the streets of Ottawa safe this summer and beyond.

1. Slow down

Slow down and ride according to posted speed limits and weather conditions. High-speed collisions can be deadly. It sounds simple but by simply slowing down, this can help reduce the potentially life-threatening injuries that could occur while riding a motorcycle. Commit to following the rules of the road every time you decide to drive a motorcycle.

2. Make yourself visible

Make yourself visible to other drivers on the road. Motorcycles tend to get lost in the blind spots of cars and trucks. Wearing highly visible motorcycling gear that commands the attention of other drivers on the road can help to keep everyone safe. Consider applying reflective tape on your motorcycle itself or add appropriate horns and lights to make yourself more visible on the road.

3. Regularly maintain your motorcycle

Regularly maintain your motorcycle to ensure that it runs properly. Riders that choose to neglect their bike or leave burnt-out lights left unaddressed could put others at risk. Every time you ride your bike, ensure that it is in safe working order.

4. Set a good example

Set a good example for other motorcycle riders and drive safely, especially when riding as a group. Riding alongside others takes careful skill and practice, and peer pressure to drive fast could result in a fatal collision. Reaffirm your commitment to safe riding and communicate it to those who share the same hobby.

5. Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect and safe riders who are able to perform emergency manoeuvres can act quickly to avoid collisions. Remain focused on the road, and if you need to, take part in a professional course to improve your riding abilities or practice in a parking lot in your own time.

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