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Truly exceptional service. Not only Miryam and Kyle were able to negotiate a settlement beyond my expectations. During the time between the accident and the settlement, they have flag me into a 360 degree care circle where their team was able to give me access to a variety of professionals i.e physiotherapist, psychologist and others. Thank you Miryam and the Team.

– Ottawa (ON) resident, name withheld for privacy

I’m glad I contacted Miryam when I did – my insurance company suddenly stopped payments and I had physical problems after my car accident that presented late. Miryam dealt with the insurance company and argued to get the extended help I needed. I didn’t have any more hassles.

– South Keys (ON) resident, name withheld for privacy

Miryam is a different kind of lawyer: it doesn’t matter how much time it will cost her, your wellbeing is most important to her and she works tirelessly to ensure you have everything you need to get back to your life.

– Ottawa (ON) resident, name withheld for privacy

I didn’t think I needed a lawyer after my car accident until the insurance company wanted to close my file and I still had ongoing bills. Once I called MG Law, I didn’t need to argue with anyone anymore. I just got my treatments and Miryam made sure the money was there.

– Kanata (ON) resident, name withheld for privacy
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