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Allison Lubeck

Associate, Bicycle Accident Specialist

Assisting Crown Counsel in prosecuting quasi-criminal offenses under this Act, I’m also proficient in drafting legal documents, speaking to matters at Provincial Offences Court and the Ontario Court of Justice, and researching and drafting memoranda on various legal issues.

Fluently bilingual, it is my pleasure to assist my clients in both French and English. At MG Law, I depend on this talent as well as my organizational and customer-oriented strengths to offer first class service. I am particularly committed to supporting victims of bicycle accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and slip and falls accidents. I also assist clients in matters of sexual assault, medical malpractice, and short and long-term disability.

I have obtained my Civil Law degree (LL.L.) and my J.D. from the University of Ottawa. I’ve also undertaken the Law Practice Program (LLP) and worked as an ATIP Analyst for Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada. In 2020, I also became a proud member of The American Association for Justice (AAJ).

When I’m not working, I’m usually out and about on two wheels. An avid cyclist and keen safety advocate, I’m an active member of both Ottawa Bicycling and the Ottawa Women’s Cycling Network on Facebook. Passionate about helping bicycle accident victims get the compensation they deserve, visit our bicycle safety page for more information on how I can provide assistance.

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