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Slip & Fall Accidents

Canadian businesses have an obligation to ensure their property is safe both inside and out. Should you happen to slip and fall on the premises of a business as a result of an unmarked wet floor, icy or uneven sidewalk, a poorly maintained staircase, or in an area without proper lighting, you may have grounds for an injury lawsuit.

When a serious accident occurs, the most important thing to do is try to remain calm and bring it to the attention of the business itself. Any slip and fall accident comes with a 10-day window where you must inform the business of your injury. This is where staying calm is important – as any accident lawyer will tell you. You’ll want to notify the company of your slip and fall accident without antagonizing them or admitting to guilt yourself. It’s a delicate situation because you don’t want to aggravate the situation or shy away from what’s owed to you. MG Law can be your guide.

Our expert team is here to provide you with the accident lawyer you need to keep you informed, support your needs, and carry your case forward as efficiently as possible. Give us a call for a free quote to get started quickly. We can deliver legal advice on slip and fall accidents in English, French, Arabic (all dialects), and Russian to ensure you receive the information you need, in the language you’re most comfortable with.

We’ve helped Canadians and the people of Ottawa with their slip and fall accidents and injury lawsuits for many years, and understand that each case is different. Together, we’ll make sure the business where the slip and fall occurred is aware of the incident within the 10-day window, establish who is liable for the accident, and get you the result you deserve.

Remember, by taking action you not only help yourself, but those who could stand to be hurt by a negligent business in the future. Your actions matter, so give MG Law a call at 613-730-8460 today to get started.

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