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Sexual Assault

Both women and men should never have to worry about sexual assault, but sadly this isn’t the case. No one ever expects to be sexually assaulted, which is why it happens when it’s least expected. Having the courage to speak up is important, but so is having the right outlet to confide in.

At MG Law, our staff is one you can trust with the details of your sexual assault case. Together, we’ll work to bring guilty parties to justice and deliver the results you deserve.

It’s always important to report any sexual assault to the police as soon as possible. However, our experience has shown that’s easier said than done. Sexual assault can strip you of so many things. Victims are quite often affected by more than just the physical act of aggression itself, but also the psychological effects. Overcoming the emotion enough to ask for help is no small feat, but that’s where MG Law can help.

At MG Law, we provide legal services in as many as four different languages (English, French, all Arabic dialects, and Russian) to ensure you fully understand the process and all your options. No matter what you’ve gone through with this experience, rest assured that we have a support system ready to help you through this process. Give us a call at 613-730-8460 to get started with a free quote. We’ll take the time to meet with you and discuss which course of action is best to ensure you get the desired results.

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