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The most frequently asked questions from personal injury victims

Sure, it’s our Ottawa personal injury lawyers’ job to work on complex legal paperwork on your behalf. However, it’s always beneficial that you fully understand your situation and the options available to you. To help, we’ve listed some of the most common personal injury FAQs you may have.

Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

Serious personal injuries can occur any time and in any place. Creating a whole new world for accident victims to navigate, the aftermath can feel very overwhelming. That’s where MG Law can help.

Our legal team has over 10 years of experience being the support system that Ontario accident and trauma victims need following their personal injury. Using our specialized expertise, we’ll fight for the compensation, care and support you need. Find out more by visiting our About page.

With over 10 years of industry experience, MG Law supports those impacted by serious personal injury, catastrophic injury, and traumatic brain injury. Our support even extends to Quebec residents hurt in Ontario and Ontario residents hurt in Florida cross-border accidents too. When clients work with MG Law, we give them our full-undivided attention. This way, our professionals can establish everything necessary to make a claim and move forward.

Finding answers to difficult questions post-accident is something you shouldn’t have to face alone. Therefore, MG Law takes care of all the complex legal, medical and insurance related questions on your behalf. This way, you can focus on what’s most important – your rehabilitation and recovery.

After we fight for a fair accident settlement, we go the extra mile by pointing you in the right direction of influential health organizations and resources in your community. Ultimately, we’re here to help you get your life back on track.

To serve our clients effectively, MG Law has offices that are conveniently located in three locations.

  • Ottawa Office
    1676 Bank Street
    Ottawa, Ontario K1V 7Y6
  • Hawkesbury Office
    178 Main Street
    East Hawkesbury, Ontario K6A 1A5
  • Miami Office
    350 Lincoln Road
    Miami Beach, Florida 33139, USA

Both Canadian locations offer free wheelchair accessible parking. If you’re a Quebec resident hurt in Ontario, we can help, Similarly, if you’re an Ontario resident hurt in Florida cross-border accidents, our Miami office can assist you.

We proudly serve the following Ontario locations: Alfred, Eganville, North Bay, Renfrew, Almonte, Embrun, North Gower, Richmond, Arnprior, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, Russell, Brockville, L’Orignal, Ottawa Valley, Smiths Falls, Calabogie, Limoges, Pembroke, Toronto, Casselman, Manotick, Perth, Tweed, Cobden, Metcalfe, Petawawa, Vars, Cornwall, Navan, Peterborough, Winchester

Visit our Areas Served page for more information.

MG Law is a specialist with over 10 years of experience in helping victims of serious personal injury, catastrophic injury, and traumatic brain injury. Whether it’s car accidents, cycling accidents, concussion or a slip and fall, we handle a wide range of cases.

Additionally, MG Law helps clients with long-term disability claims. Discover how we can assist you by visiting our Personal Injury Services page.

MG Law is still here to assist you without upfront payment for legal representation. We base our fees on the amount of your settlement. Rest assured, we’ll discuss all financial matters at the outset so you feel as comfortable working with us as possible.

To better serve our clients, we offer service and support in your choice of English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish or Mandarin.

Deciding which Ottawa personal injury lawyer to choose is an important decision. Ultimately, MG Law is comprised of experienced and skilled professionals who carefully listen to your case and are committed to fighting for the compensation you’re owed.

Your experience starts with a free, no obligation consultation. After that, our Ottawa accident lawyers go the extra mile by making any necessary hospital visits when office visits can’t take place. With over 10 years of experience, MG Law will handle your personal injury claim the right way. Depend on us to provide the compassionate support you need at every turn.

Understanding Your Personal Injury Claim​

Personal injuries don’t always reveal themselves in the immediate aftermath of an accident. Remember, this doesn’t mean your injuries are not compensable. The best way to proceed is to contact MG Law to discuss your options as soon as possible following an accident.

To successfully claim accident benefits, you should notify your auto insurer and provide them with all the information they need to support your claim. Typically, insurance companies send adjusters to consult with you about the collision. Remember, anything you discuss with the adjuster is placed on your file and affects future matters.

Don’t forget, insurance adjusters are more knowledgeable about the legal process than the individuals submitting a personal injury claim. Therefore, you should always ensure that an experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer is by your side for the proper representation you need.

Form filling can feel very overwhelming for clients. When your insurance company sends you forms relating to your accident benefits application, we’ll take care of these for you.

Ultimately, each case is different. Therefore, there is no definitive answer to how long your case may last. It all depends on the unique details.

Also referred to as damages, compensation is awarded to individuals who’ve suffered from another individual’s actions in a civil case. The aim of compensation is to restore the victim back to their prior status, pre-injury. Typically, compensation is awarded for things such as wage loss, medical fees, lawyer fees, and physical property damage.

If you’re injured in an Ontario car accident, the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) outlines the kind of benefits available and their respective value.

For individuals seriously injured in Ontario auto accidents, Statutory Accident Benefits can help. These help pay for expenses not covered by healthcare so you can be treated accordingly.

Depending on your unique circumstances, you may apply for various forms of accident benefits. These include attendant care benefits, caregiver benefits, death benefits, funeral benefits, income replacement benefits, medical benefits, non-earner benefits, rehabilitation benefits, and other expenses.

Taking place in many different forms, long-term disability injuries are usually those with permanent damage. These include limb loss, spinal cord injury or cancer. Additionally, strokes, heart attacks or paralysis too.

If you’re suffering from a serious medical condition or injury that prevents you from performing your job, you have grounds for submitting a claim to your insurer. If your long-term disability insurer is denying your claim, MG Law can help. For more information, including how they differ from short-term disability claims, visit our Disability Claims page.

It’s important you’re aware of the time frames that are critical to your claim.

  • 7 Days – Notify your auto insurance company if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident.

  • 10 Days – Notify the municipality or province if you will be making a claim due to a slip and fall on municipal property or roads in a poor state of repair.

  • 30 Days – Injured persons must apply for Statutory Accident Benefits with their own auto insurance company.

  • 60 Days – Deadline to provide a Notice of Claim to the province before beginning a lawsuit against the provincial government.

  • 120 Days – Injured persons must place the potential defendants on notice of a claim if the injury relates to a motor vehicle accident.

  • 1 Year – Deadline to sue your own auto insurance company over a property damage auto claim.

  • 2 Years – Time frame whereby injured persons must commence a lawsuit against all potential defendants.

In accordance with the Ontario Limitations Act, a victim has two years from the date of an automobile accident to file a legal claim. After two years, it’s typically too late to make a claim via your insurance provider and to pursue legal action.

Nevertheless, there are some occasions where the law makes exceptions. The best course of action is to make an Ontario auto accident claim as soon as possible.

After meeting you in hospital, leave all paperwork and form filling to us. We’ll submit everything to your insurer on your behalf. During this period, we will go above and beyond to assess your care needs so you can get back to living your life as soon as possible. With MG Law, we’ll support you every step of your legal journey so you can focus on your health and recovery.

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Important steps to take when injured

1. Call the police and tell them everything

Police statements are a valuable part of any court proceeding, so ensuring that the police have all the information you have available will reflect positively on your case.



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