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“Make Sure You Have Enough Money For You Or Your Family To Fully Recover.”

Working with MG Law after a motor vehicle accident or personal injury means you have the best chance to meet your financial obligations (like mental and physical health treatment, home care, funeral expenses, vehicle replacement and lost income).

"I didn't think I needed a lawyer after my car accident until the insurance company wanted to close my file and I still had ongoing bills. Once I called MG Law, I didn't need to argue with anyone anymore. I just got my treatments and Miryam made sure the money was there." Kanata (ON) resident, name withheld for privacy.

For Motor Vehicle Accidents Personal Injury Litigation:

Generally, insurance companies encourage you to close your file as quickly as possible. But sometimes, the extent of your injury is underestimated or not well investigated. MG Law acknowledges your true needs and ensures you have been put into the right insurance claim category.

  • Minor Injury Guidelines (coverage up to $3,500),
  • Out of Minor (up to $50,000 claims),
  • Catastrophic Injuries (individually assessed compensation).

MG Law makes the best case for your injury with no legal costs until judgement and/or settlement. Let us review your claim for free now.

For Other Personal Injury Litigation Cases:

Personal injury litigation lets you seek compensation in the event of death, psychological damage or physical injury (such as chronic pain, broken bones, muscular or joint damage, or head trauma). Such cases often revolve around:

  • short/long term disability;
  • slip, trip and fall incidents on public or private property;
  • medical malpractice;
  • product liability;
  • and sexual assault.

MG Law litigation specialists research your claim to prove negligence, and/or breach of contract, and argue your case for you until it’s settled, to ensure you get a fair trial. It’s free to review your case now: You won’t pay legal fees until judgement and/or settlement.


You’ve been in a Motor-Vehicle Accident including multi vehicle or one car collisions; recreational vehicle, public transit (like OC Transpo) or pedestrian accident, resulting in wrongful death or injury. For free, we help you identify your injuries so you can get the compensation you need to get back to your life.


Slip, Trip and Fall on municipal or private property? An experienced litigator ensures the right process is followed so you have a better chance of winning your personal injury case.


You trusted your care to medical professionals, but something went wrong. You can sue for Medical Malpractice due to doctor, nurse, and hospital staff negligence, like diagnostic, prescription and surgical errors, resulting in a birth injury, serious injury or death. We’ll make sure negligence can be proven before the case is filed, if there’s no proof, you don’t pay.


A product you trust causes injury or doesn’t live up to its claim. We’ll conduct background checks, and scrutinize design and construction to prepare your Product Liability claim. If negligence is proven, we’ll make sure you’re compensated and try to get the product removed from shelves so others’ don’t experience the same misfortune.

Sexual Assault

Seek compensation for your pain and suffering as a result of Sexual Assault/Rape -- it’s not your fault.


Short or Long-term Disability coverage extends beyond injuries that happen while you are on the clock. Suffered on the job or developed unrelated to work, you need to use your employer’s insurance in the event of an illness, physical or psychological/psychiatric disability or chronic pain. We’ll make sure your employer’s insurance pays what’s been promised.