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Published January 17, 2018

Tens of thousands of Canadians live with spinal cord injuries, and if you’ve recently suffered one yourself you may be overwhelmed by all of the information you’re receiving from doctors and other professionals. At the end of the day you really want to know what your life is going to be like moving forward with […]

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Published January 5, 2018

The thought of being seriously hurt while riding the bus isn’t something anyone thinks about, but it’s still important to know your rights – just in case. In fact, most people aren’t aware of a crucial change that took place in 2011, regarding accident claims after being seriously hurt while on a bus. It might […]

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Understanding Compensation For Traumatic Brain Injury

Published December 4, 2017

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases: Causes & Compensation From concussions to other head and neck injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs as they’re also referred to, can take on many different forms.

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