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Published April 19, 2018

Now that the sun is starting to shine and the cold weather is finally gone, people are starting to bicycle to work. And if you’re not joining them, you may want to rethink that. As an expert in personal injury, we know that some people may be concerned about cycling safety, especially in regards to […]

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Published April 4, 2018

Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims If you find yourself unable to work or do your job as the result of an injury or illness, it can be a very serious scenario. Short-term disability claims involve showing evidence of any mental, physical, or psychological ailments that inhibit your ability to perform your job as well as you […]

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Published March 12, 2018

Spring is a great time of year. The days are longer, the temperature slowly begins to rise, and the flowers start to bloom. Spring is also known for seeing a rise in car accidents, specifically around Daylight Savings.

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Published March 5, 2018

Giving birth can be a complex situation, but when complications arise, it can be very serious. Even a small mistake can result in lifelong consequences for the child.

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Published February 20, 2018

The aftermath of a serious injury can often require very serious rehabilitation options. Physical injuries may need physiotherapy in order to recover. Psychological trauma and injuries can also be life changing, so seeking help for PTSD or other mental health issues should not be stigmatized or overlooked. Even in cases where you may be physically […]

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Published February 5, 2018

There’s no class about how to deal with a traumatic experience like a car accident and everyone’s reaction to it is different. Understanding a few essential things about the hours, days and weeks following a car accident can make a big difference, especially if you’re injured. Here’s a list of things to do following a […]

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Published January 17, 2018

Tens of thousands of Canadians live with spinal cord injuries, and if you’ve recently suffered one yourself you may be overwhelmed by all of the information you’re receiving from doctors and other professionals. At the end of the day you really want to know what your life is going to be like moving forward with […]

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Published January 5, 2018

The thought of being seriously hurt while riding the bus isn’t something anyone thinks about, but it’s still important to know your rights – just in case. In fact, most people aren’t aware of a crucial change that took place in 2011, regarding accident claims after being seriously hurt while on a bus. It might […]

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Understanding Compensation For Traumatic Brain Injury

Published December 4, 2017

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases: Causes & Compensation From concussions to other head and neck injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs as they’re also referred to, can take on many different forms.

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