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How To Make Sure You’re Compensated Fairly After a Car Accident or Personal Injury

Dealing with car accident insurance claims on your own, or initiating a personal injury lawsuit, can be so overwhelming—and additionally painful—it’s common to give up before getting the money you need to get your life back.

Ottawa’s Miryam Gorelashvili and the MG Law team take care of your claim and litigation details so you, and your loved ones, can heal.

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You may have a compensation case for physical and/or psychological damage if you’ve suffered: short/long term disability (even if it didn’t happen at your workplace); slip, trip, and fall (e.g. on a public or private property); a sexual assault; medical malpractice (as a result of professional negligence); while using a commercial product; or, during a motor vehicle accident.

From the moment of injury until you’ve recovered, MG Law guarantees you have a lawyer as well as Personal Accident Benefits Administrator working for you to manage your file, so all your legal and paperwork obligations are looked after. We’ll make sure you understand your rights (in your choice of language: Russian, French, English or Arabic) to avoid pitfalls that could jeopardize your claim.

Have your legal case reviewed now at no cost — even if the incident happened a long time ago.

You won’t pay for legal work until we get compensation for you and your file is settled: we don't let you risk paying legal fees for minimal outcome. Ask MG Law about your case.

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